Damselflies and Dragonflies are large insects found near sources of freshwater.

They come from the insect group known as Odonata; the Antisoptera containing the dragonflies and the Zygoptera containing the damselflies.

The Australian Museum www.australian.museum/learn/animals/insects/dragonflies-and-damselflies-order-odonata/ says they have ’fantastic flying abilities and well-developed eyes. They are excellent hunters of other flying insects and can hover, move in zigzags, and even fly backwards. And they are fast – some of the larger dragonflies can reach flying speeds of 70 km per hour – possibly the fastest flying insects on Earth’.

Look for some other dragonfly and damselfly facts on the Australian Museum website.

You’ll find dragonflies and damselflies near creeks, streams, lakes, wetlands and ephemeral water bodies.