Australian Reed Warbler

Species: Acrocephalus stentoreus

(Birds of Drouin booklet P26)


Size 160-170mm

Sexes are similar. Head and upper parts are a plain light brown. A pale buff-white eyebrow. Brown bill. Eye is brown. Throat and underparts are buff-white. Flanks are cinnamon.


A loud, persistent ‘tutch-tutch-tutch-dsee-dsee-querty-querty-querty’.



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Most of mainland Australia except for the very arid centre plus parts of Tasmania. Migratory, common.


Breeds September-February. A deep cup-nest of reeds and grasses attached to some upright reed fronds. Lined with feathers.


Once called the clamorous Reed Warbler for their loud, persistent call. Most arrive in southern Victoria (from northern Queensland) in spring and depart in late summer. Some individuals will silently over-winter.  They inhabit reed beds beside wetlands, creeks and drains. Reed Warblers are very territorial and will loudly proclaim their small patch of reeds. Many individuals return to the same territory each season. They live almost entirely under cover in the reeds, feeding on insects and small aquatic animals.