Australian Wood Duck

Chenonetta jubata

(Birds of Drouin booklet P66)


Size: 440-500mm

Male: Pale grey duck with two black stripes along the back; brown head; speckled chest; finely banded flanks. Female similar: Paler head; two white stripes, one above the eye, one below; broadly banded flanks.


A long drawn out ‘gnooow’ often given in flight. Other chatterings when feeding.


All states where there is suitable habitat.

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Nests in a hollow, sometimes far from water. Breeds September to November.


Gregarious, often in large flocks. Vegetarian – grazes on grassland, paddocks, playing fields, etc. Often tame in urban situations. Sometimes known to creche the offspring into large groups of varying sized broods. Common and very abundant in places. Dispersive.