Eastern Rosella

Platycerus eximius

(Birds of Drouin booklet p56)


Size: 290-340mm

Sexes alike, female a little duller. Scarlet red head, nape and chest. White cheeks. Back is mottled yellow and black. Blue shoulders. Underparts are a yellow-lime green colour. Bright green rump and red undertail.


Sharp ‘pink-pink’ when flying and a slower three note ascending ‘pee-pee-pee’.
Similar to Crimson Rosella but generally higher pitched and more melodic.

credit: xeno-canto.org


South east Australia and Tasmania.

Map credit: ala.org.au


Uses tree hollows and old stumps (and nest boxes) in which to nest. Breeds from late winter to early summer.


Usually seen in pairs or small family parties in lightly wooded areas, parks and farmlands. Normally feed on seeds on the ground or in low shrubs and when disturbed, fly to some nearby trees with an undulating flight pattern. Common, sedentary and always a delight to see.