Thysanotus sp

The Fringe-lily is a herb which is endemic to Australia. There are several species and sub-species.

The leaves are linear in shape, and round at cross section towards the top. The plant grows from 20 cm to 60 cm tall.

It grows in a wide variety of situations, from semi-arid parts of south-eastern Australia to coastal areas receiving more than 1300 mm of rain per year. They are often found in open country, heathlands or in dry woodland.

The three petaled purple flowers with frilly edges appear from September to April. The fringe (like the fringe on a lamp) around the edges of the petals give it the name ‘Fringe-lily’. The colour is really striking but sometimes you need to look hard to see them amongst other taller grasses.

Each flower only lasts one day. A stem of 80cm long can bear up to eight flowers.

Some people say they are among the more colourful wildflowers in south-eastern Australia and even the favourite flower of many.