Nest boxes can play an important role in the conservation of native fauna but they should not be seen as the ultimate. Despite the variety of nest box designs, they cannot replace the diversity of natural hollows. Poor construction and erection of nest boxes often lead to a very short life span and the paucity of suitable hollows for breeding quickly returns..

Bird Habitats, a local business has generously helped us by providing nest boxes at Golden Whistler Reserve in Drouin. Visit their website to learn more about their specially developed Thermal Haven box designs.

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The Eastern Rosella, Ringtail Possum and Micro-bat are among some of the native fauna that readily take up an artificial tree hollow

Nest boxes can assist in the research and observation of animals that would be very difficult from natural hollows. Population regulation, evolution, genetics, sexual selection, scat analysis, impacts of logging are some of the research areas that have involved nest box programs.