Pied Currawong

Strepera graculina

(Birds of Drouin booklet P48)


Size: 440-480mm

Sexes are similar. Sooty black bird with a white band at the base of the tail and a small white wing patch. White undertail. Robust bill, orange iris.


Various including ‘kurar-kurar’, a drawn out ‘wolf whistle’, and others.

credit: xeno-canto.org


Full length of the eastern seaboard, up to 500km inland.

Map credit: ala.org.au


Pied Currawongs build a large cup-shaped nest of sticks and bark, high in the canopy of a eucalypt. They breed from late winter to early summer.


Usually in small to large flocks, Pied Currawongs are omnivorous scavengers that often become very tame around picnic grounds and back yards. At times they will take other nestlings. They are communal roosters and can be heard settling down at night with their long drawn out calling. Common, often abundant and altitudinal migrants – spending winter in the lower country.