Southern Brown Tree Frog

Litoria ewingii

Southern Brown Tree Frogs are bug-eating ninjas that can leap and catch insects in mid-flight. They feed on mosquitoes, flies, small crickets and moths. Not all of these frogs are brown. Despite being called Southern Brown Tree Frogs, they can come in a variety of different colours, including orange, pale fawn or cream and sometimes even green. Males call out ‘Creeeeeeee creee creee creee creee’ most of the year round. The first ‘cree’ is the longest and 4 to 14 quick ‘crees’ follow it. A great time to listen out for these frogs is after heavy rains. 

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Southern Brown Tree Frogs have a wide brown band that starts from between their eyes and runs down their back. They have a white or pale-yellow belly.

They are common visitors to gardens, and also creeks, waterholes, dams and waterways. You can support them by creating a ‘frog pool’.