Spotted Pardalote

Pardalotus punctatus

(Birds of Drouin booklet P18)


Size: 80-100mm

Male: Upperparts are black with prominent white spots; white eyebrow; rump is red and underparts are a rich yellow. Female: Duller; spots are creamier; throat is whiteish.


Three note monotonous ‘siwit-dee-dee’ or sometimes just the last two notes.



Eastern Australia from Atherton Tablelands to Tasmania. Across southern SA to south west corner of WA.

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Digs a nest tunnel in soft earth on the side of a road embankment, dam, uprooted tree stump, etc. Lined with grass and bark. Breeding occurs from September to December.


This little jewel of the bush is a eucalypt canopy specialist. It gleans insects and larvae from the bark and foliage. Often present in small flocks or mixed with other species – Striated Thornbill, etc. Happy to be present in large eucalypts in urban situations and sometimes nest tunnels are found in urban gardens. Common, nomadic at times, goes quiet in winter.